How Long Does Shein Take to Ship? SHEIN Shipping Guide

Are you interested in knowing how long it will take Shein to deliver?

Some customers might be concerned about delays in their orders due to how far they are from their location and China.

So, knowing the length of the delivery time helps alleviate anxiety. But, standing in the waiting room waiting for the delivery is not necessary. Shein provides a step-by-step guide to help you comprehend the time frame for shipping.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn the definition of Shein, the shipping methods, and the longer it takes to get their products shipped.

What Are Shein Shipping Methods?

Shein offers three different shipping options. It offers Economy shipping as well as Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.

The delivery times vary based on the area of residence and shipping method. There are times when there may be delays due to natural reasons. Storms make flights uncertain.

However, Shein’s shipping methods and timings have considered these elements.

Shein Economy Shipping

In this type of delivery, customers will need to wait at least a month to get their purchase. Therefore, economy shipping allows you to save money as a customer.

It makes use of China Post, similar to epacket. If you’re planning to order clothing a month in advance, you need them; then the economy shipping option is the best option.

The time of delivery will differ depending on where you are situated. This is why it’s the most cost-effective way of shipping. In addition, you can use economy shipping when you’re not in any hurry to receive your order.

Shein Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is slightly quicker than standard shipping. You can expect to receive your package within 2-3 weeks.

Shipping via standard shipping can be the ideal method to send packages as you can get the most value for the money.

In the majority of countries, the standard shipping method is offered. Therefore, you should consider using Standard shipping methods if you wish your items to arrive on time.

Standard shipping provides the best balance between price and time to delivery. That’s why it’s the most popular choice in many countries.

Shein Express Shipping

It is also the fastest method of shipping on Shein. However, it can take a couple of weeks for your parcel to arrive at its destination. Nevertheless, it’s pretty decent as compared to traditional shipping methods.

Additionally, it takes shorter days for holidays. Since it is an expensive shipping service, it is the most expensive option for shipping. However, it isn’t impossible to overlook since you’ll get your parcels faster.

Therefore, express shipping should be considered when you need to get your order in the shortest time possible. It shouldn’t be in a hurry, however. It takes a couple of days to finish processing your order.

How Long Does SHEIN Take to Ship?

The standard SHEIN shipping time is 3 to 4 weeks. However, the time of delivery varies based on location and the method of shipping. Below is a shipping times chart to help you understand the process.

Economy ShippingStandard ShippingExpress Shipping
3-4 weeks2-4 weeks2 weeks

It will take between 3 to 5 business days from when you purchase. The seller schedules these days to complete your order.

Customers who are from Asia can benefit from a speedier shipping process because the products are produced in Asia, which is why they are delivered fast to their clients.

Deliveries towards Europe and North America have an average delivery time. Also, orders to areas that are remote take a longer amount of time. Therefore, it is recommended to verify the duration of the shipping before you sign up.

If you haven’t received your package, call Shein’s customer support within three months.

How Long Does Shein Shipping Take?

CountryStandard Shipping Time FrameExpress Shipping Time FrameEconomic Shipping Time Frame
United States10-126-8N/A
United Kingdom19-2710-1212-14
Italy13-16N/A4 Weeks
Hong Kong6 – DaysN/A
Spain12-16N/AAbout 4 Weeks
Slovakia10 – 28 Business DaysN/AN/A
Ireland18-21 daysN/AN/A

Where Does Shein Ship From?

Shein was founded in China. They are online retailers, which means that they typically ship their merchandise from the country from which they originate, i.e., China.

There are occasions when Shein has pop-up locations all over the world. There are pop-ups within Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

Shein has set up a variety of international warehouses. This is due to the expansion Shein has seen throughout the years. The Shein international warehouses don’t create any of the clothes that you wear.

These warehouses are strategically situated close to Shein’s large client base. That is Asia, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. At the beginning, Shein shipped solely from China. The company’s growth has enabled them to establish several warehouses across the world.

Shein still has a large number of items from China. It makes all its clothing using overseas factories. The clothes made by overseas factories are less expensive. This is the reason Shein clothing is affordable.

Shein creates the clothing and then transports these to the warehouses. Therefore, if you purchase something you want to ship, it will arrive more quickly. However, if what you’ve ordered is not in stock, it will be required to make it and then ship that item via China.

However, it also allows customers to purchase clothes at a reasonable cost. As a result, Shein can cut costs and satisfy the demands of its clients. In addition, Shein’s international warehouses are trying to cut down on shipping times.

How to Track Order on Shein?

Have you ever purchased anything on the internet and not received the tracking number? This is a major problem. You have to call customer support to find out about your package.

Tracking your order lets you avoid calling Shein customer service every day to inquire what happened to your package. In addition, you’ll be able to track your order online with the tracking number.

With SHEIN, Things are different with SHEIN. After you’ve completed your purchase, it will be assigned an order tracking number.

The tracking number is accompanied by the number of a hyperlink. When you click on this link, it will redirect you to the courier’s website. In addition, you will be able to find out which courier companies are sending your order.

Additionally, you can follow the steps below to get your tracking numbers.

Step 1: Log into your SHEIN account, then click “My Account.” It allows you to sign in to your account.

On Step 2: On the “My Account” screen, click “My Order,” and all of your orders currently in the system will be listed. Following that, you will need to select the order that you would like to track. There is a “view details” icon is there. Click it to view the details of your purchase.

Step 3. If the the shipment status “Shipped, click on “Track Order Details” on the right. Once you click the “track order details” button, you will be able to find the order’s location.

The 4th step: SHEIN provides a tracking code tied to the courier handling the shipment of your package. Copy then paste the tracking code into the box and press enter. You will then be able to view all the information regarding where your package is.

The 5th step: you may also track your order via SHEIN mobile application. It’s the easiest method of tracking your order.

How Much is SHEIN Shipping?

To ship to the US, Standard shipping costs $3.99, and express shipping is priced at $1 12.90. To find more specific and current costs, US customers can enter their city and state to find the applicable rates. At the moment, there is a standard price for all states.

For example, shipping is made to California, Los Angeles for a Standard cost of $3.99. Express is $12.90. Free shipping is available for orders of more than $49.00. Delivery for European as well as Asian countries tends to be cheaper.

Does SHEIN Offer Shipping Guarantee/Insurance?

SHEIN provides shipping insurance; however, this comes with an additional $2.99. After you have completed your purchase, there will be a choice that you’ll need to make.

This allows you to return your shipment for free; without any questions asked, there’s no need to give the reason. However, it is also important to remember that shipping insurance is not refundable even if you decide to do not to cancel the order.

Is It Safe To Buy From Shein?

Shein is a known and legitimate fashion retailer. But, unfortunately, the prices are so affordable that some people think they’re too good to be real.

Shein is 100% legit and provides high-quality clothing. Many may believe that the prices are low and that it is too amazing to be true. But, the affordable costs and good quality of the products have recently helped the site gain popularity worldwide.

It is possible to read customer reviews of the product before buying the item. Reviews from customers can assist in deciding on the quality of products. Also, be sure to read the size chart before making your purchase.

What Is Shein’s Return Policy?

Shein offers a return policy which allows you to wait 45 days from the date of purchase to claim an application for a refund. When you first purchase, you won’t have to pay shipping costs.

But, you’ll need to pay for the shipping costs for the items that you’d like to return. Shipping costs are deducted from the refund amount to the customer.

Certain items are required to be unworn or washed. This includes items with tags and hygiene stickers. Therefore, bodysuits, lingerie party items, underwear and party supplies can’t be returned. Again, this is because of hygiene reasons.

Shein can process your refund in seven days. But, you must remember that although the refund policy is comparable between different countries, the charges could be different.

Always verify the refund policy on Shein at their site. Below are some general rules.

  • First, return completely free.
  • The shipping cost for subsequent returns is subtracted from the reimbursement.
  • Seven days of processing time
  • 45 Days refund window
  • The shipping label cost is deducted from the amount of the refund.


When Does Shein Have Free Shipping?

Shein provides free shipping for orders that exceed the specified amount. In addition, some countries within Asia get free shipping with no minimum purchase requirement.

In Asia, $60.00 – $70.00 is the typical cost to receive free shipping. In the US, your order must be greater than $49.00 for free shipping.

For Europe, Free shipping to Germany, Italy, and France is offered for purchases that exceed $39.00. In addition, the free shipping option is available to Australia for orders over $49.00.

In some instances, Shein offers promotions through coupons and deals. Here are a few methods to get no-cost shipping services from Shein.

How to Get Free Shipping When Buying from Shein?

You can get free shipping if your purchase is valued at 29 euros or more (an equivalent amount in the currency of the country you reside in).

In some countries, such as Mexico, The minimum amount to purchase for free shipping is less. Therefore, the app is the best choice instead of the website.

Get Free Shipping Facilities on Sunday:

Shein provides no shipping charges on Sundays. In addition, you can get random free shipping from Shein on Sundays.

Shein will provide free shipping on Sundays and missed hours to surprise customers. In addition, if you make an order through the APP, You will get free shipping.

Don’t fret about the chance of missing out on this promotion! If free shipping is available on SHEIN, A countdown timer will be displayed on the home page.

It will also indicate the amount of length of time that customers have to place orders and have their packages delivered for free. Therefore, you must be vigilant to be able to avail these discounts.

Free Shipping for New Buyers:

SHEIN sometimes offers clients who are new to the company free shipping. You will know whether you’re eligible when you see an offer on its home page.

You can test your luck by opening a Shein account. If you don’t succeed, then you can create an account for someone else you’ve known. If they happen to be selected and you both qualify, you can each use the shipping coupon that is free.

Play Games to Get Free Shipping:

SHEIN offers a few games, including roulette. If you decide to participate, you will earn coupons.

If you are playing these games regularly, you’ll accumulate a lot of coupons. In the future, you will be able to use these coupons to pay for your shipping costs.

Lives Offer Free Shipping Through Lives:

On Wednesdays, afternoons, and nights, SHEIN broadcasts lives (offers) on the APP. The timing is based on the country you’re in at the time.

In these days you can observe the latest fashions. Additionally, coupons that offer direct offers and free shipping are available at a price lower than 29 euros.

You can join these live groups frequently to receive discounts on shipping. But, be sure to utilize the coupon you received within the two-hour period. They will expire soon.

How Do I Get Coupons On Shein?

How Do I Get Coupons On Shein

Coupons for free shipping from Shein won’t be displayed on the Shein application or website using this manner. Instead, you can find coupons on various websites.

You have to go through each page and collect coupons to receive free shipping. It may seem like much work, but obtaining coupons is the aim.

Does the Shein app have coupons for shipping?

Sometimes, Shein can give you free shipping coupons at fewer than 20 euros per purchase.

You must sign up for their newsletters or download their app to access these coupons. The coupons will appear on your coupon list once you make an order.

Does Shein Have International Warehouses?

Shein Chinese warehouse is located in Foshan, Guangdong.

Shein Officially doesn’t claim to have international warehouses.

But the massive international customer base forced them to turn to international warehouses.

However, there is a chance that not all the clothes purchased from Shein are delivered from a store near your location. Some items are shipped from China.

 The majority of goods are shipped out of China.

What Shipping Couriers Does Shein Use?

For shipping, Shein uses different courier providers. For example, Shein ships to Ireland with the help of ColisExpat.

Yodel Services deliver parcels for those in the UK. US deliveries are made through China Post. Then, they are delivered to the destination via USPS for delivery on a routine basis and FedEx Express delivery.

Australian clients receive their packages via different courier companies. Canadian purchasers have their packages delivered via DHL.

Middle East customers are not excluded. Courier companies like Aramex, Fetchr, and Naqel are able to deliver these packages.

It is crucial to remember that delivery times can change during holidays. Additionally, delivery times such as Black Friday can change during substantial sales.

What is Shein Express Shipping and Shipping Time?

The express shipping option is Shein’s most popular method of shipping. Your package will be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks when you select express shipping. Additionally, it may arrive sooner than the time stated. Or even delay a bit.

Furthermore, it’s the most expensive option for shipping and also promises the fastest delivery time. Customers who have utilized Shein express delivery have been delighted with the service.

Some items are not qualified to be shipped expressly. This is because the size and weight of the box are the main determine the value. Therefore, it shouldn’t be large objects.

How to Change a Shipping Address on Shein?

There’s the “edit” button when you check out at the beginning. By clicking that button, you will be able to modify the address.

There is no need to make a change if you’ve already paid, as it will not be feasible. Shein will send the parcel to the address you provide.

Shein doesn’t allow its customers to alter the shipping address after the payment has been processed. If you must change an address, you may cancel your order and then order the item again.

Can You Change the Shipping Methods Listed on Shein?

Log into “My Orders” and cancel your shipment prior to shipping to alter the method of shipping.

Re-order the items, and then select the proper shipping method. If you attempt to change the shipping method, but the status of your purchase indicates “shipped,” it will not work.

Therefore, you must be vigilant when entering information such as delivery address and shipping method. It helps to avoid confusion and delays.

When Does Shein Offer Free Shipping on Sundays?

Every Sunday at any point, Shein enables free shipping. It’s impossible to know when it will occur; however, you can tell when it’s happening because on the website’s homepage and in the application, a banner will appear.

What is the Reason Why Shein Takes so much Time?

It all depends on the shipping method you select. Typically, you will need between 15 and 30 days. Due to the COVID-19, there could be delays.

Final Thoughts

Shein is a legitimate online store. It provides trendy clothes at affordable prices. Furthermore, you are able to purchase and have your order promptly. They keep up with the trends, which means that you’ll be in the know with Shein.

If you purchase from Shein, it is necessary to select the shipping method. You have three options: Economy Shipping, Standard Shipping, and Express Shipping.

It is also necessary to enter your preferred delivery address with care. You cannot alter it after you have paid.

You can opt to view live shows on Wednesdays to receive the coupon for free shipping. And you can also purchase products worth 29 euros to receive free shipping.

Shein offers a simple application and website. It is fun to shop through Shein. Best of luck shopping and shipping experience at Shein!