Olive Garden Dress Code: Everything You Need To Know

Olive gardens is a pretty Italian casual hotel located in Florida. It operates in 900 regions worldwide. The restaurant was first established in Orlando on December 13, 1982, as a general mill. Bill Darden founded it. Its headquarters are in Florida. It specializes in Italian-American cuisine and serves different types of cuisine.

Olive Garden has vast workers ranging from a manager, hostess, server, chef, bartender, marketing designer, waitress, etc.

Does Olive Garden Have A Dress Code?

Initially, olive Garden had a white button-down shirt, black pants, and colorful ties for their employees’ outfits. The company has used this outfit for more than 30 years. Currently, the company uses completely black-colored attire.

Does Olive Garden Have A Dress Code

At Olive Garden, not every job comes with a full uniform. The hostesses wear business casual attire. Bussers and bartenders get aprons, and servers get aprons and books. Aside from that, all employees must bring their own black button-down shirt and black dress pants. All employees must wear shoes that don’t slip. Employees who work in the kitchen are given chef’s shirts, pants, and aprons.

All the olive garden staff wears it. The olive gardens vice president hopes the staff will deliver their services effectively since they are comfortable in their new outfit. He notes that “our service team is happy about this change, and we think they will deliver an even better dining experience for our guests.”

He further describes the joy of their guest on their new outfits for the service team. ‘guests have told us all-black is more current and casually sophisticated,’ he added. The service team can’t hide their joy of going to the workplace without a tie.

What Should I Wear For An Interview At Olive Garden?

Are you planning to go for an interview at olive gardens but don’t know the attire to put on?

Don’t worry. We are here to guide you on the outfit that will make you feel comfortable the entire interview. Olive Garden does not provide uniforms for every staff in the restaurant. You are responsible for providing attire if your position does not receive a free uniform.

If you are seeking a vacancy at olive gardens and secure a chance to go for an interview, always wear dress business casual or formal. Present yourself as someone who has the potential and capability to handle the task. You can achieve this by wearing your hair back, hiding any tattoos, wearing a minimum of jewelry, and trimming your facial hair to look presentable.

Are You Wondering The Kind Of Uniforms The Service Team At Olive Gardens Wear?

Now, here is a brief description of the attire they have. The olive garden restaurant provides the service team with black-colored attire. It gives servers black aprons and expects the waiters and waitress to buy the other parts of the uniforms. All olive garden staff MUST wear a black button shirt, socks, pants or cargo skirts, and black non-slip shoes.

Things to note while wearing uniforms for waiter/waitress at olive gardens.

  • A waiter/waitress MUST always tuck in their shirts neatly. It is compulsory to fasten the shirt’s top button because they no longer put on ties.
  • Waiters and waitresses are advised to get stretchable bottoms. Their chores involve much bending and stretching; hence a stretchable attire is preferred to prevent a tear.
  • In case you prefer a belt, a black belt is advisable.
  • Waiters and waitresses are supposed to have moisture-wicking and easy-care stain-release clothes.

Dress Code For Servers And Hostess:

Olive Garden Dress Code For Servers And Hostess

A hostess is expected to give a warm welcome to the guests in a restaurant. They give guests reservations and show them restaurant menus. They also respond to restaurant phone calls and customer queries. Hostess at olive gardens wears black dress or skirts, while servers wear black collared shirts.

Servers have all the reasons to smile because they are free from wearing ties that would constantly escape into the oily, greasy surface and mess up their uniforms. All the servers and hostesses MUST tuck in their shirts and leave the top button to unfasten. Apart from the black-colored uniforms, the servers should wear green buttons that read ‘hospitality.’ 

Olive Garden Dress Code For A Dishwasher :

A dishwasher is a person or machine used to clean a restaurant’s utensils. A dishwasher must thoroughly wash plates, cups, silverware, cooking utensils, pans, pots, etc. A dishwasher is expected to have the stamina to lift heavy baskets of dishes, pots, and pans.

They also need stamina for standing long hours. A dishwasher at olive gardens is expected to have clean and short nails. They are not permitted to have artificial nails or even polish their nails. They are also not permitted to wear watches. Employees working in the kitchen at olive gardens are provided with a chef’s shirt, pants, and aprons.

Olive Garden Dress Code For Managers:

Mangers at olive gardens take control of the activities around the restaurant. They provide themselves with official black-colored uniforms. Managers are allowed to put on watches.

Olive Garden Dress Code For Guests:

Olive garden guests have no specific dress code though most guests visit in casual or business casual outfits

Frequently Asked Questions On Dress Code At Olive Gardens

What should I wear to an interview at Olive Garden?

There is no specific attire for an interview at olive gardens. Though, it is advisable to wear a casual dress or a formal outfit.

Can I Wear Nails At Olive Gardens?

Service teams are allowed to wear fake nails as long as it does not affect their roles. It would be best if you had not extended nails. They should be of decent length.

Can I Have Dyed Hair At Olive Gardens?

Olive Garden accepts everyone with all and every kind of hairstyle and color.

Does Olive Garden Provide Uniforms?

Olive Garden does not fully provide uniforms for its staff. All the staff should provide themselves with a black button-down shirt and black dress pants. Olive gardens provide bartenders, servers, and bussers with aprons. Hostesses wear their business casual outfits.

Can You Wear Crocs At Olive Garden?

No you cannot wear crocs. As long as the shoes are close toed, non-slip, black, and comfortable it should be fine.

What is Olive Garden uniform

Note: Olive Garden is an American-Italian restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine. Suppose it is found in 900 regions across the globe. It prepares different types of Italian cuisine, salads, and pasta dishes.


The olive garden uniform is elegant and easy to maintain. The uniform favors much staff as it does stain easily. It looks clean and outstanding. The hostess looks outstanding from the crowd in their uniforms. The olive gardens staff feel comfortable and outstanding in the all-black uniform.