How Much Does Home Depot Pay?

The Home Depot is one of the biggest retailers of home improvement across the United States, and it has more than 500,000 employees around the world. The company offers construction materials, including tools, equipment, and other services. Because of this, its popularity grows day by day. In addition, it hires workers.

Home Depot employees earn $32,000 per year on average, or $15 an hour, which is 69% less than the national average salary of $66,000 annually. According to our statistics, the highest-paying position in Home Depot is a Senior Director, earning $200,000 per year. The most low-paying position for employees at Home Depot is an Employee who earns $12,000 per year.

If you are planning to apply for Home Depot or have already applied and are wondering how much does Home Depot pay? what is the minimum wage at Home Depot in 2022? We have uncovered the information more information about Home Depot starting pay and minimum wage.

How Much Does Home Depot Pay for The Different Positions?

Home Depot pays employees based on their position, like cashiers are paid at $12 per hr., and Designer paid $17 an hour. The table below shows the amount Home depot pays employees for each job.

Job TitleRangeAverage
Sales Associate$11 – $16$13
Cashier$10 – $15$12
Retail Department Supervisor$14 – $21$17
Retail Sales Associate$11 – $18$13
Head Cashier$11 – $16$13
Customer Service Associate$10 – $16$13
Merchandiser$11 – $16$13
Sales Specialist$11 – $18$14
Designer, Kitchen$13 – $22$17
Customer Service Representative(CSR)$10 – $17$13
Laborer, Freight, Stock, Material Mover, Hand$11 – $17$13
Customer Service Specialist$11 – $18$14
Warehouse Associate$12 – $19$15
Customer Service Sales Associate$10 – $17$12
Department Manager, Retail Store$13 – $21$17
Customer Service Supervisor$13 – $21$17
Order Filler$10 – $16$13
Paint Associate$11 – $15$12
Asset Protection Specialist$12 – $21$16
Parking Lot Attendant$10 – $15$12
Forklift Operator$11 – $19$14
Designer, Kitchen & Bath$12 – $20$16
Front End Supervisor$13 – $21$16
Retail Merchandiser$10 – $16$13
Associate Merchandiser$10 – $17$13
Operations Supervisor$13 – $24$17
Merchandising Supervisor$13 – $20$16
Overnight Stocker$10 – $17$13
Department Manager, Hardware Store$13 – $22$17
Retail Supervisor$13 – $24$17
Maintenance Technician$11 – $24$16
Warehouse Worker$12 – $20$15
Receiving Clerk$11 – $21$15
Warehouse Supervisor$13 – $23$17
Customer Service Team Leader$9 – $18$13
Retail Associate$10 – $16$12
Customer Service Cashier$9 – $16$12
Freight Forwarder$10 – $18$14
Stocker$10 – $17$12
Bookkeeper$10 – $21$14
Shipper/Receiver$11 – $19$14
Forklift Driver$11 – $20$15
Delivery Driver$9 – $23$14
Shipping & Receiving Supervisor$12 – $21$16
Retail Cashier$10 – $18$13
Sales Supervisor$12 – $22$16
Kitchen & Bath Designer /Salesperson$12 – $22$16
Field Service Technician$14 – $29$20
Expeditor$9 – $21$14
Loader$10 – $21$14
Sales Clerk/Cashier$10 – $17$12
Retail Sales Specialist$9 – $19$13
Inside Sales Specialist$12 – $22$16
Outdoor Power Equipment / Other Small Engine Mechanic$11 – $22$15
Receiving Worker$10 – $21$14
Customer Service Manager$11 – $22$16
Asset Protection Associate$10 – $19$14

What Are the Requirements to Work at Home Depot?

If you are interested in applying to work at Home Depot as an employee, You must meet certain rules to be employed at Home Depot. It would be best if you were at least 18 years old. It is important to note that some states are subject to change; however, all states have similar rules.

How Much Do You Start Out Making at Home Depot?

Home Depot sales associates earn an average of $11.34 an hour while department supervisors are paid $15.82, According to Glassdoor. Cashiers make just under $10 an hour, though high-paying benefits can be able to make up for the low pay.

What Position at Home Depot Pays the Most?

The average salary for employees at The Home Depot is $30,209. However, there is a considerable variance in wages based on the job. Some positions that pay the highest salaries in The Home Depot are Senior Software Engineer, Department Manager Night Stocker, and Department Supervisor.

The typical salary for a Senior Software Engineer for The Home Depot is $126,365. To better understand the magnitude of the wage in The Home Depot, other jobs such as Merchandiser or Cashier are regarded equally. In comparison, the job title as Merchandiser in The Home Depot earns $23,513 annually.

Job TitleHourly RateAverage The Home Depot Salary
Senior Software Engineer$60.75$126,365
Department Manager$18.71$38,910
Night Stocker$18.10$37,650
Department Supervisor$18.05$37,535
Overnight Stocker$17.98$37,404
Warehouse Worker$17.84$37,101
Forklift Operator$16.83$34,997
Assistant Store Manager$16.52$34,358
Lot Attendant$16.21$33,712
Delivery Coordinator$15.52$32,287
Garden Associate$14.56$30,279
Lead Generator$14.27$29,677
Merchandising Execution Team$14.18$29,485
Sales Specialist$14.06$29,242
Sales Associate$13.95$29,021
Customer Assistant$13.71$28,515
Flooring Specialist$13.59$28,258
Will-Call Coordinator$13.41$27,885
Customer Service Representative$13.15$27,360

How Much Can You Make A Year at Home Depot?

The annual salary, which includes bonuses and base for The Home Depot is $113,882 which equals $54 per hour. The estimated median is $113,173, which equals $54/hour.

How Often Do You Get A Raise at Home Depot?

Answer: Every year, once.

What Is the Lowest Pay at Home Depot?

The Customer Service Cashier position is one of the lowest-paying jobs available at Home Depot at $17,000 annually.

How Much Does Home Depot Pay Sales Associates in Texas?

The average Home Depot Associate hourly pay in Texas is about $12.23, which is about less than the national average.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid After Starting Work at The Home Depot?

Approximately 2 weeks for the first payment. Direct deposit, 2 weeks. Weekly paper checks on Friday. Every Wednesday if you opt for direct transfer.

Do Home Depot Employees Get Benefits?

Retirement & Financial Benefits:

  • Profit Sharing
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan

Home Depot Inc. Home Depot Inc. provides retirement savings plans. Retirement plans offered by employers help guarantee a steady cash flow into the future. In addition, Home Depot Inc. provides defined contribution pension plans. With the defined contribution pension plan, the companies assist workers in saving and saving to fund retirement.

Benefit Packages for Hourly Workers:

The hourly benefits workers have included:

  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Coverage
  • Short-term Disability Insurance
  • Vision Coverage

Employees working for hourly pay do not just have the opportunity to receive payments ranging between $200 and $1000. They also have the option of looking ahead to seeing their company invest in their professional and personal growth. The benefits offered to depend on the duration of employment. In addition to that, due to the most recent tax-free benefits, Home Depot is now offering its hourly employees the chance to earn a $1,000 bonus and the chance to get an increase in their pay.

A worker who is paid an hourly rate and requires some time off may benefit from certain benefits like holidays, vacation sick and personal days, days off jury duty, and bereavement days. Because Home Depot is big in ensuring its employees are taken care of, it has carefully crafted its benefits programs and programs to accommodate the family and particular needs of employees.

What Is the Hardest Job at Home Depot?

The most challenging part at Home Depot is finding parts and products for customers when the stock was not available.

Is Home Depot pay weekly?

Home Depot doesn’t pay per week but instead pays twice a week. Home Depot also pays monthly. The process of payment begins each Monday and runs through Sunday. The payment will be made on the next Friday, as Sunday is the day of the final day.

What Are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Home Depot Sales Associate Jobs?

There are 10 cities where the median wage for a Home Depot Sales Associate job is higher than that of the average national.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Francisco, CA$53,401$4,450$1,027$25.67
Fremont, CA$52,037$4,336$1,001$25.02
San Jose, CA$50,209$4,184$966$24.14
Oakland, CA$49,704$4,142$956$23.90
Jackson, WY$49,626$4,135$954$23.86
Hayward, CA$48,756$4,063$938$23.44
Sunnyvale, CA$48,606$4,051$935$23.37
Seattle, WA$48,509$4,042$933$23.32
Vallejo, CA$48,439$4,037$932$23.29
Barnstable Town, MA$48,235$4,020$928$23.19

Final Note

Home Depot hopes to motivate its employees to grow continually and to benefit from each other’s experiences. In addition, the company encourages its employees to study the most successful examples and to come up with new strategies to tackle difficulties. Therefore, potential employees will likely gain a lot of knowledge and develop themselves personally and professionally.

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