Amazon Point System and Attendance Late Policy

Amazon is an American company that provides online retail shopping services. Jeff Bezos founded it as a book-selling company in 1994.

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the united states in the information technology industry. The company has more than one million employees.

Amazon has developed a disciplinary policy to ensure its employees provide services efficiently. These policies (also known amazon point system) help ensure the company’s operations are running smoothly.

Are you interested in working at Amazon? Amazon is a better place to work. Before joining the amazon company as an employee, you should know the amazon point system and late policy.

The Amazon Point System

Amazon point system is a disciplinary policy that assigns points to employees at amazon for violating rules and regulations. This policy is used to help minimize lateness and unexpected absenteeism at work.

The management implements this policy when an employee arrives at work late or absentee without permission. An employee who shows up late for work at amazon is assigned one point. An employee can get up to eight points.

This policy also applies to employees who leave work earlier than expected. Employees who leave shifts earlier are awarded one or a half-point. This policy does not favor employees who miss their changes during holidays. Employees who do not come to work during holiday periods are assigned one or two points.

Are you curious to know the maximum number of points one is supposed to have to face expulsion?

When an employee at amazon receives four or five points, they must face termination.

Amazon Attendance Late Policy

Amazon Attendance Late Policy

Amazon attendance late policy is a rule used by Amazon management to minimize employee lateness. The managers at amazon implement this policy if an employee arrives late for his shift.

A manager can ask the employee why he arrived late for work or gives him a half-point. An employee is always given time to explain why he arrived late; if the manager feels contented with the reason, he will not be assigned points.

If an employee continuously arrives late for work, he will be given points up to a maximum of six-point points. Upon attaining six points, the employee will lose his job as an amazon staff.

Under Which Conditions Amazon Assigns Points to The Employees?

Amazon has a point system that assigns points to employees who violate rules and regulations. This policy allows the managers to fire the employees if they reach the limit.

The point system is used in the following areas:

  • Leave law
  • Attendance
  • Sanction

1. Leave Law

Although leave is a legal law, amazon punishes employees who go on leave without notice. According to the company’s policy, an employee should provide a statement while going on leave. The company gives three points to employees who go on leave without notice.

Although the company assigns points to individuals who go on leave without notice, it lessened the policy during the coronavirus pandemic. The employees did not receive points for going on holiday without notice but had unpaid leaves.

2. Attendance

Employees at Amazon are expected to have regular attendance and maintain punctuality at work. Employees who fail to do so without notice are exposed to the amazon point system and might risk losing jobs.

Amazon point system awards point based on the following reasons:

Absence: an employee who arrives two or more hours after the allocated time or misses work for some time is considered absent. If an employee misses work without any notice, he is assigned three points.

Lateness: an employee who comes to work between fifteen minutes and two hours after the scheduled time will be awarded two points.

Tardiness: an employee can be awarded one point for arriving to work fifteen minutes later than the allocated time.

3. Sanction

A company is forced to take the following actions if an employee reaches the following points in twelve months.

The verbal warning: the company warns an employee who gets ten points in twelve months.

The written warning: a company writes a warning to employees who gets fifteen points in twelve months.

Termination: a company is forced to fire an employee who gets twenty points in twelve months.

How Many Points Can Make an Employee Lose His Job at Amazon?

As an employee at Amazon, you must understand the amazon point system clearly to know the number of points that will get you fired. You have to understand the number of points assigned and for what purposes.

For instance, if an employee leaves his shift early, he will get one or a half points. If an employee arrives late for a change, he will get one or a half a point.

The same applies to employees absent from work without permission or valid reason. An employee who absents himself from work gets one or two points; if he absents himself from work during holidays, he will be assigned two or three points.

From the instances above, if the points sum up to six or seven in 90 days, an employee will lose his job at Amazon.

Amazon Point System

How Does the Point System Work for Sick Days at Amazon?

Employees at Amazon are allocated ten sick days per year as full-time workers. In ninety days, employees at amazon have twenty hours for illness. If a worker uses more than twenty hours in three months, he will get the point from the amazon point system.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Amazon Point System

How Many Points Do I Get for Missing A Day at Amazon?

If you miss a shift at amazon, you will get one point

How Many Points Do I Get for Arriving Late at Amazon?

If you arrive late at amazon, you will get half a point.

How Many Points Do I Get for Missing A Day at Amazon During the Holidays?

If you miss going to work during the holiday, you will receive two points.

Does Amazon Fire After Six Points?

Yes. You will get fired if you get six points in three months.

How Many Minutes Can an Employee Be Late?

An employee is allowed to be five to seven minutes late at amazon.


Amazon uses this policy to ensure the operation’s smooth running and no carelessness is observed. If you have considered applying for a job or are a new employee, ensure you read and understand this policy to avoid termination. Although Amazon has strict rules, whether to follow them depends on an individual manager who manages and organizes everything.